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The Eva’s Cookies & Brownies gift box was designed to make an impression of quality and provide a message of hope. It is an ideal gift for businesses to consider when showing appreciation or gratitude toward employees, suppliers and of course, customers.

Eva’s Cookies & Brownies Have Changed the World of Business Appreciation Gifts

You normally have two choices for your business gift; you can give what you hope will be an appreciated item for use by your customer, or you can donate to a good cause in their name. Now you have a third and better choice: Eva’s Cookies & Brownies are a truly delicious gourmet treat your customers will love. And your gift automatically provides a generous donation to fighting poverty. Two gifts with one purchase.

Eva’s Cookies & Brownies make the best corporate gift because your recipients will receive the homemade taste of wholesome goodness using the finest ingredients and an extra helping of loving-kindness! 100% of the profits from your corporate gift support programs at Eva’s Village, leading the way in fighting poverty and homelessness as one of the most comprehensive and progressive antipoverty programs in the Tri-State area. The Eva’s Cookies & Brownies gift boxes are unique business appreciation gifts that give twice by showing you care about your customers and about giving back. The Amazing Taste of Helping Others will be sure to impress.